Famous Autosports Lamborghini TT Gallardo

March 19, 2012

Over the weekend I had the fortunate opportunity to try out my new car rig on a Lamborghini Gallardo. Not any Gallardo, but a twin turbo Underground Racing Gallardo. However, I made the poor choice to do it in the rain as the car was already on it’s way back to the owner. With an hour to shoot, Mitch Sanders from Famous Autosports and I were able to put the rig on and try a few different shots. After a few laps up and down Box Canyon, my hands were frozen over and  I couldn’t feel anything I was doing. We decided to call it a day after 30 minutes of shooting in the rain, I learned a lot of things in that short time period. The first and foremost important is avoid shooting in the rain. After that there were a few simple errors of try to get the mounts the way I want it to look. I figured out afterwards how to have the camera sit on the magic arm platform correctly. Here is one of the shots that I was happy with after editing.

This before image shows the struggle with shooting in the rain as you can see all the rain droplets on the lens. Tons of work was put in afterwards in photoshop to make the picture even worth showing, but I was very happy with the results considering all the struggles of using the rig for the first time.

Here is the after shot.

After we pulled the car back to Famous Autosports the flat bed transport truck was already there waiting for us. I asked the nice gentleman to give 10 minutes to do a couple more shots and I was able to get this one below coming out of the garage.

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