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Nate + Ronni Wedding in Santa Barbara

January 21, 2015

Nate + Ronni Wedding in Santa Barbara

Photographers: Tram and Linhbergh

Venue: Harbor View Inn and private ranch in Santa Barbara

The world is a lot smaller than we know sometimes. I remember speaking with my best friend Art one weekend about one of his volleyball players he coached. He mentioned to me ¬†that she starting at one of the companies where I was working at. I’m thinking what a small world and it just so happened that she worked in a department that I support. I met Margie one day and we sparked a nice conversation about everything in general but the one subject we had in common was volleyball. Eventually when I started a volleyball team, I recruited Margie and Margie recruited Nate. During one of our amazingly awesome Tuesday night volleyball league Nate and Ronni mentioned they were getting married and was looking for a photographer. Well, I am sure you all guess who they chose to be their photographer. That’s right, this guy!

Nate and Ronni are some of the most humble and kind people I’ve ever met. You can truly feel this as you speak with their friends and family. The speeches that were given and how emotionally happy people got throughout the night just explains how great it was that these two people became husband and wife. I hope you enjoy the images captured from the day.




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