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Vitalic and Lady Tron @ the Avalon 02.19.10

February 21, 2010

Friday night Kamron and I went to the Avalon to cover electronic music artist Vitalic for our favorite online music review site groundcontrolmag. Amazingly this was the first time I have attended an event at the Avalon and I really enjoyed the two level seating. The Avalon has a really good layout that allows you to go from one side to the next and from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor. From the good layout it makes it a lot easier to photograph the artists from different angles. My only request would be that they could give a little more light on the artist. The night started off with Ladytron opening up the show and here are some photos of the night.


Awesome New Republic concert

January 20, 2010

Shot this concert a while back with Kamron. We were covering for Ground Control Mag with the picture and a review. The venue Cinespace was nice, small, and cozy. It wasn’t packed and I found myself in the front row for most of the shots. The band wasn’t bad and here is an excerpt from Kam’s review:
“I finally get to make it to the stage area in the back room where Awesome New Republic gets to play for the night. This stage looks like the most intimate I’ve seen in a while. This stage is the closest I’ve been too in my life. The one that comes close is a closed venue in Boise, Idaho, where I was able to see Gza from the Wu-Tang Clan. The point is that I get to lick Michael John Hancock or Brian Robertson’s shoe if I choose to do so. These two boys, when put together, make Awesome New Republic (ANR). While on the tour and for the show they are joined by Jorge Rubiera. Oddly enough, these guys could easily be passed by on the street, unbeknown to the passer by the simply gorgeous music that they put out. Their Star Wars inspired tracks were at home with my geek side, and the rock side was also hit with that “shit it need son” with all of the tracks that they put out.” -Kamron Ahmed
Here are some photos of the concert and the night started with DJ Dan Oh


LMFAO Record release party @ The Roxy

July 10, 2009

Late Tuesday we found out that we got press passes for LMFAO. They were a great live hip hop band, never would have expected that. There was an amazing amount of energy at the Roxy and it was good times.