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Giovanni + Robyn Engagement

August 19, 2015

Giovanni and Robyn’s engagement session started off in the middle of Angeles Crest highway and continued deeper. It was an awesome session of walking on the side of cliffs, hopping over rocks in the river stream and hanging next to a bridge to no where. It didn’t start off exactly how we wanted, we lost a balloon then another. A lesson in elevation was learned and we eventually found some really spectacular views. Hopefully, these photos can do the justice of how much fun we had throughout the day and awesome of a couple Gio and Robyn is. Really looking forward to shooting their wedding in October. Continue Reading…


Stephanie + Dan Engagement

July 31, 2014

Stephanie + Dan Engagement session

Had this amazing opportunity to shoot this lovely couple in Paso Robles. Apparently Stephanie and Dan are really close with the people at Jack’s Creek Cellar and we were able to sneak around the winery to get some really unique photos. Having unlimited access allows you to do so much more but the only thing stopping us was all of those fox tails. Both Stephanie and Dan were total troopers and I’m really looking forward to shooting their wedding in two weeks. Continue Reading…


Bicky + Hailinh Engagement in San Luis Opisbo

March 25, 2014

I met Bicky way back in college when we were introduced through a mutual friend/my ex-roommate. Come to find out that we both came from the Antelope Valley and ever since we hung out at random friend events. Eventually I found out that Bicky actually has a twin sister who I took the privilege of introducing myself to (I think it went something like, hey I know your twin sister and no I’m not a stalker). ¬†Only interesting because during the whole entire engagement shoot I kept calling Bicky, Kim. I don’t think she was too happy about that but hopefully I made up for it with this excellent set of photos. When we first dove into planning the engagement session I told Bicky, “Look, you one of the my long time friends so we got to do something super epic!”

Eventually we settled on a 3 hour drive from LA to San Luis Opisbo as it was one of Bicky and Hailinh’s stomping grounds and where their relationship flourished. We scouted locations and eventually picked a couple spots including a hill that has a view overlooking San Luis Opisbo. Not thinking this through very well, an out of shape photographer carrying what feels like a ton of camera equipment wasn’t the smartest idea. Every single corner that we hiked up I thought to myself that I was going to die. However, I was never satisfied with the view until we made it to the very top. Looking at these photos I am SO GLAD that I forced myself with the motivation of Art, Bicky, Hailinh and Kim we were able to make it up to the top of the hill and capture the gorgeous sunset. While hiking down the hill in the dark, all I could think of is, man I really have to lose some weight. Then I proceeded to eat what is a pound of fish and chips and a huge bowl of clam chowder. Continue Reading…