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Weekend Nostalgia

September 27, 2011

The very fact that we can always look back to the past and think how beautiful and wonderful everything is like the Bradbury building. We forget everything that we have done to get to this day and age. Back in the 1930’s our country was going through with a depression far worst than we are today. Not until 1995 did we have internet accessible to the masses. I had a pager my senior year in high school which was in 1999. With life and everything that comes with it, we must think about letting go of the past and keep moving forward to the future. However, we must not forget the road that got us to the place we are at today. For hi-res photo click here.








World of Dance 2011 – New York

May 31, 2011

World of Dance in New York was a whole different beast. It was hot, muggy, with no A/C but you couldn’t get any of the dancers to stop dancing. They dance on the street, on the tables, during breaks, anywhere and everywhere. It is so much different than the LA scene and for some weird reason all the dancers were wearing MC Hammer pants. None the less congrats to the Rockwell Family for taking first place. Also a pretty amazing performance by the Chi-Town’s Finest Breakers. Interestingly enough I ran into Chi-Town’s Finest at the airport and their youngest sister Precious Moments could not stop doing headspins in the middle of the airport. It was so craaazy!