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Fabricated Los Angeles Photoshoot

July 26, 2010

Over the weekend, I had an amazing time hanging out with the girls from Fabricated LA Gemma and Ashley. We’ve been arranging for a photoshoot for the launch of their clothing line. Here are some preview shots of their shoot. Also here is there Facebook Fan page for anyone interested for more information.

Clothing/Stylist: Fabricated LA (Gemma Rose and Ashley Nicole)

Makeup Artist: Kathryn Lauren

Models: Ashley Pennington and Annika Kusion


Li Cari Video from the Fall Collection Photoshoot

May 4, 2010

Jeff Rushton and I shot this a while back with Joey Costa for Li Cari’s Fall Collection. Joey took the honor of editing this video showcasing the collection and us working.

Here are some additional shots of mine from the day.


BB Design Photoshoot – Day 2 (Almost as wild as Day 1)

April 23, 2010

After having a great Saturday. Dawn and I thought it would be fun to do it all over again on Sunday. Not exactly how it went down, but we like to make you guys believe it was like that. None the less we had great models such as Yvette, Alex, Susanne, Savannah and Dawn’s favorite Nevin come in to play around with a few ideas. Some Rock Princess concepts with a little twist.