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Paso Robles Vineyard Model Photoshoot

March 14, 2012

Being away from home I always find the best inspirations. Whether it is the first chance I get to take photographs at a new location or meeting new people. It held true on a recent trip to Paso Robles, where I had an opportunity to work with Christina whom I met on Model Mayhem. At first it was going to be driving through the vineyards and seeing if we can shoot in the pistachio trees in front of one of them. We ended up on Remo’s Vineyard with full access in and around the whole ranch. It made for some unbelievable sunrise photos.

Location: Remo Belli Vineyard in Paso Robles

Model: Christina, MM# 70018




Lifestyle, Motorsports

Driver Profile >>> Mr. Ryan Kado Full-Time Drifter Part-time Model

June 8, 2011

One of the best things about Formula D, is that it gives the privateer and the small players a chance at competing against the big boys. Meet Ryan Kado who is a rookie in the Formula D series. Ryan is just a mere 19 years old and at Round 3 in Palm Beach he qualified and actually made the Top 16 by beating Ken Gushi. Pretty impressive in the short time that he has been around. Ryan is also a very fun person to be around and since we were in Florida.Why not hit up South Beach to do a little photoshoot. Check out some of the shots that make Ryan who he is.


Natalie + Steve Maternity Session

July 20, 2010

I’ve really avoided shooting maternity since I didn’t have this same opportunity with my wife and daughter. However, I offered my services to Natalie and Steve as I work with Natalie on a daily basis and know that she’s gone through similar situations that I have been through. Thankfully all has gone well as a few hours after we did this photoshoot Natalie’s water broke and she went into labor. The morning after which was less than 12 hours from these shots Natalie gave birth to a healthy and 3 weeks early baby girl named Zaida. Congrats to Natalie and Steve and may this be the beginning of pictures I take of Zaida =)