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Formula D – New Jersey 2012 Coverage

June 26, 2012

Formula Drift New Jersey. It was a hot stormy night when all the people dreaded the humidity and were scared of the thunderstorms. Wait, it was just me being scared of the thunderstorms. It was not very smart on my part to also be standing next to the metal fences neither.

The round of New Jersey is always a weird one for me. I find some of my best images are produced here yet I am never excited to attend this event. I guess it’s because I’m always lost on the roads, seriously you have to make a right hand turn then turn left and then turn left again to make a U-turn. At Wall Stadium the bowl shaped track blocks in the tires and smoke, so you get these little particles all over the place. In your hair, ears, and neck fat.

Unexpectedly found this nice open area after I had to find a place to nosotros nosotros.

Also found a Joshua Herron lurking in one of the trailers. Be aware of stealing his sandwiches because this is how he shows up in your dreams.

Being in one of the bigger team’s rig you find that these guys actually have backup parts laying around like these complete rear ends with Wilwood brakes. Looks hot, I’ll take two please.

Bil Baldwin is now a marketing masterpiece comes with stickers, t-shirts, and peace signs. Awesome, now only if I can step up to his level.

Only one of these guys is really who he seems to be.

Vaughn Gittin JR is impressive, imagine doing an interview with everyone staring at you. Such composure and focus comes with being a driver in Formula D.

Matt Powers running over my foot. Screams on my behalf.

Mr. Linhbergh scouting shooting locations. We found the sun instead.

Tony B, checking out the Top 32 bracket. A random question, is it arrogant to do the math of who you have to beat in each round to get all the way to finals? I mean you have to be tempted too right?

Justin Shreeve eating a banana. No really, he’s eating a banana.

JTP rocking the wall along with all these all drivers. He hates his rear bumper takes it off twice against Chris Forsberg.

Usually you would think that it’s difficult taking photos of a black car, but the Bergenholtz Mazda RX-8 for some reason is very photogenic.

Kenny Moen leading Ryan Kado. Cones removed.

Jeremy Lowe’s reverse straight entry. Would have been amazing if he could have pulled it off.

Toshiki Yoshioka sandbags his practice and tears it up in competition. Pretty smart that’s what I do when I bowl.

Odi was the number 1 qualifier, pretty impressive considering it’s only his second season and I think Wall Stadium is one of the toughest places to drive. The Wall eats many drivers yearly.

Gabe Stone before and after. The Wall ate him good.

Robbie Nishida was very consistent all weekend with his Lexus SC300. One of my favorite cars to photograph.

Chelsea DeNofa, the main center figure of this weekend’s drama. If you don’t know by now, then you don’t need to know.

Rhys Millen leading rookie Jhonathan Castro into the first bank.

Pat Mordaunt showing that clipping points are very resilient.

Vaughn Gittin JR had a hell of weekend, including this sick wall ride, loses rear bumper in process. Both Mustangs don’t like their rear bumpers,

Walker Wilkerson had a rough weekend, didn’t qualify into Top 32 due to some unfortunate circumstances.

Ryan Tuerck and his colorful Hoonigan Retaks S14. Wheels are still weird to me.

JTP lining up with Kenny Moen for practice. Look at how steep the incline is, I almost pulled a cramp on my calf walking up this incline.

The Gush!

Corey Horsford getting acclimated with the Wall ride.

Pat Mordaunt chasing Darren McNamara’s new ride.

DA brothers roll in together. Nice tribute to their home track.

Chelsea’s car right before it explodes into the wall crashing into Tyler McQuarrie.

Matt Powers and Kenny Moen promoting the “close in proximity” request from the judges.

Daigo Saito no front bumper no care.

Chris Forsberg and Vaughn Gittin JR riding off in the sunset.

These epic sunlight piercing through the forest made for some amazing photos. This one with Daijiro Yoshihara.

And finally back on Top Vaughn Gittin JR takes 1st place at Formula Drift New Jersey beating teammate Daijiro Yoshihara and Chris Forsberg taking 3rd place.


Formula D 2011 – Seattle Round 5

July 28, 2011

Took a quick break before it got all crazy again in the my schedule, so I have not been posting much. However, it will get a kick start with Formula D in Seattle then officially my wedding season will kick off. As expected from one of my favorite tracks in the series, the action was fun and the competition was amazing. My highlight of the weekend was seeing Rhys Millen battle Fredric Aasbo. Here are some highlights from Seattle.



Formula D – Seattle 2010 Round 4

July 12, 2010

The Formula D event at Evergreen Racetrack was an ending to an incredible week in Seattle for me. It started at the beginning of the week when I shot a wedding on July 4th, a media mixer event for A’PEXi on Thursday night and of course qualifying and top 32 on Friday and Saturday. None the less there is a lot of editing to be done, so this will be the first of probably 3 blog posting this week after going two weeks without a post. Enjoy!

This is the new A’PEXi flyer that Ryuji Miki was signing for the fans, if you look closely those are my pictures they used.

And finally the victor is Tanner Foust with his Scion Racing TC. 2nd and 3rd goes to Ryan Tuerck and Darren McNamara

Then coming out of the parking lot, I saw this STi sitting there all lonely. It really made me miss mine.