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Kim + Ori Engagement

September 9, 2013

It’s been quite the task to balance work, work, home, kids and sleep. Some things started to get hard to maintain such as this blog I love so much, so I’m going to try as hard as I can to update this blog more consistently. The good thing is we get to start with this awesome set of Kimberly and Ori’s e-session. We had a blast doing this e-session that it was quite hard to pick out the photos I wanted to post. Kim and Ori were such characters that it was hard for them not to laugh all day long. We started out in downtown LA in around City Hall. Later we moved down to Griffith Observatory to catch the sunset. Hope you enjoy our day in the sun.


Tams + Frances Wedding

August 15, 2012

There are moments where everything falls into place. Tams first approached me a few months back about photographing his wedding. Things went really smooth when we first met and soon after I was committed to shooting his wedding. At the same time I was starting to get involved in our media production group 1KIND Studio. It just so happened that Tams was also looking for some people to do his video and asked if I had any recommendations. I showed Tams a few of the 1KIND videos and shortly he found our “All or Nothing” video on the Autoblog site. Tams was sold and also hired Zak and Abbitt to come out and film. It’s not often that Zak, Abbitt, and I come together for something non-motorsports related and it was an absolutely a ton of fun to shoot Tams and Frances’ wedding together as a group. Check out the Tams and Frances Wedding video by clicking here. Enjoy!

Wedding venue: Kyoto Grand Hotel

Photographer: Tram Tran, Hayley Murphey

Videographers: Zak Kerbelis, Abbitt Wilkerson